SR60 Heaphones

I bought a pair of SR60 Headphones about a year ago and I love them to death. They are extremely comfortable and have excellent sound. Unfortunately, after a year of abuse, one of the speakers would go cut in and out if I tilted my head. I wasn’t too surprised that they started to break down, I commute and work in the labs a lot at my school so they spend a good deal of time in my backpack.

I figured the problem was a broken wire, so I held the cord with my hand and tilted my head to try and find where the wire was broken. I figured it was broken not far from the speaker itself, so I cut the wire to my headphones a few inches below it for good measure.

I unclipped the speaker from the headphones
and gently removed the foam earpad
 Using the low setting on a heat gun warmed up the hot glue inside the can. A hair dryer will work too if you don’t have a heat gun.
After I warmed it up I quickly popped it open
I cut an old piece of speaker wire and tied a knot in it to protect the wire from being pulled out
 I desoldered the old wire. Just touch a soldering iron to the solder and gently pull on the wire.
There is a little red dot on the speaker, I used that to remember which wire I needed to solder to the speaker.
I slipped on a piece of heat shrink tubing and twisted the wires together. I plugged in the speakers and tested them to make sure they worked.
I soldered the wires together
And I used a heat gun to shrink the heat shrink tubing
I warmed up the hot glue and pressed the headphones back together
I clipped the speaker back on
And put the earpad back on.
And it’s working great now 🙂

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