Job + Old Sketchbook

I got a job! I’m the new Interactive & Game Developer at the Boston Museum of Science!

Me on my first day of work :)

I’ve been working on lots of really cool projects. This position is perfect for me!

I’ve moved into an apartment outside of Boston and I’ve been going through my things. I found an old sketchbook from school and figured I’d share some of the better drawings with you. I doodled these guys out during my art history classes, enjoy!

Sketches of one of my character from my thesis
A sketch of a power cable that was going to be hooked up to the characters chest. This idea got scrapped as I started reboarding the story.
Originally I was going to make the arm latch open to dispense bandage, but simplified things due  to deadlines.
Hand and finger joint sketches
The rest of these drawing don’t relate to any projects, they are simply doodles :)
I love this guy.
This guy is pretty awesome too.

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