Interning and Stuff :)

Ok I haven’t updated this in forever so let’s do a quick update on everything.

I passed Prepro! I’ll post my concept artwork from my Drawing for Animators class as well as my Storyboards from Pre Production class later this fall. My story is about a military robot who learns that war is not the answer. I’ve been modeling my set, reworking my storyboards, tweaking my designs to strengthen my story.
I programmed another flash touch screen application for the Maine State Aquarium. It is similar to the Build a Fish program I made last summer only this one is Build a Fish.


I’m interning at Cramer, a digial marketing company outside of Boston. I interned there two summers ago and I’m back for more 🙂
I’m taking an online class through the University of Maine. I’ll have all of my liberal arts classes out of the way so I can focus on my thesis 🙂 Spring semester I’ll just have my CA class so I’ll have plenty of time to do some job searching and finally being able to enjoy the beaches 😀 (I hope).
I recorded a short video tutorial last night on how to make a contact sheet in adobe bridge, this is useful for organizing a large number of photos on a piece of paper. which comes in handy for DFA and Prepro.

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